Tuesday Jan. 28th 2014

Available GIGS


Focus is primarily Rock and Metal, but almost all genres are welcome.

We removed the tally based pay system. Now it's all about options.

Local bands get even split of $4 per head after first 10 paid to the house on a $5 cover. If your band wants to move advance hard tickets you will receive 100% of sales. On shows with regional/indie label touring bands we raise the cover charge to $7 with the difference given to those on tour.

On free shows bands receive a $30 bar tab.

If your band wants to put together an entire night, let us know!

National act show payout for local bands is a $50 bar tab if you do not want to sell hard tickets, and if your band will move hard tickets, you will receive $3 per hard ticket sold. National act shows are priced and set based on their demands and maximize payout in their favor.

Cover/advance tickets range from $5-7 for local and regional shows and $7-25 for national acts. ALL shows are 21+.

For productions specs please view our list: http://cheyennesaloonlv.com/stage

The Cheyenne Saloon – 3103 N Rancho Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89130

 Email thecheyennesaloonlv@gmail.com if interested in performing our venue.